Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Calm Weekend Wrap Up

We didn’t do much this weekend.  Friday when I got off work, we went to my Dad’s.  Then went with me Sisters to dinner at Cheddars.  Kaelyn enjoyed people watching and eating chicken.  She can now drink out of a straw and is super proud of herself.  She will take a drink with a shocked look on her face when the cold hits her mouth and then give me this huge cheesy smile.  Then Holli stayed the night with us and we just watched movies and hung out.  Holli taught Kaelyn to say her name and it sounds like’s cute.  Saturday we went to eat and ran some errands.  Then I took Baby K to her dad’s to stay the night and took Holli home.  I enjoyed the rest of my evening reading and watching Lifetime movies.  Now I am doing some laundry and cleaning before Kaelyn gets home this evening.  Fun Times.
I thought I would share a few pics of her supporting her Daddy’s Chicago Bears. Mama is a Cowboys fan!
Here she is walking!
She loves it when she is able to sneak my phone.
She is yelling something here.  The child is a chatter box!
Kaelyn’s Words so far – In Order:
Dada, Mama, No, Hi, Dah (for DooDah, my Dad) Abby (her friend), Holli

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